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General Guidelines for Scholarships

IATEFL is providing an increasing number of different scholarships for English language teaching professionals. So you need to read carefully both these general guidelines and the specific conditions for each scholarship you wish to apply for. We're sorry but if you don't keep to the conditions and deadlines your scholarship applications cannot be considered. Our scholarship deadline iwas 1st September 2010. But please note that:

  • BESIG Conference Scholarships have a July deadline and are for attendance at the BESIG conference in the autumn. They are not for the main conference. (The BESIG Facilitators Scholarship is for attendance at the main conference and has a deadline of 1st September 2010.)
  • Consultants-E Online IATEFL Scholarship also has different deadlines and you can win a course not a conference attendance
  • John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarship has a different deadline, June 7th 2010 for the Brighton Conference 2011
  • for this year only the Cambridge ESOL scholarships' submission deadline will be 25th October 2010 (for the conference in Brighton 2011)
  • you cannot win the same scholarship twice
  • and if you have won a scholarship already, you cannot apply for another award until 3 conferences have passed

If you are applying for more than one scholarship, you only need to send one photograph. If you are a winner, this photograph will be printed in the conference brochure and on the scholars' poster. So, while we ask for a passport-sized photo, it shouldn't be passport-glum.

Many scholarships now include as part of the award a year's IATEFL membership. If you are already a member and you win one of these awards, the payment will cover your next year's membership.

All applicants for each scholarship will be informed by email of the result of the selection procedure at the stated date. So, stand by for the news and if you are a winner, let us know immediately whether or not you will accept the award.

If you are a winner, we will discuss details of how the award is to be paid once you have confirmed your acceptance. Most of the award is paid at conference but a proportion can be paid in advance to help with your travel costs.

Read reports from previous winners  

To apply for a scholarship (or more than one scholarship) follow the link below.

 Scholarship Application 

Please have available a current CV and passport photo, ready to upload.  You should read the details of all the scholarships, listed below, before you start your application to ensure that you apply for those that are appropriate - each scholarship has particular criteria. Please scroll down for details of all the individual scholarships then go back to apply.  You are able to apply for more than one scholarship with one application, just follow the instructions.  Each scholarship requires a specific statement.  Please note if you are a non IATEFL member and you are applying for a scholarship which requires a speaker proposal for our conference please complete the form which will be attached here for next year's applicatants, and email it to Alison Medland.

Scholarship Overview and FAQs

 IATEFL Scholarships

Please watch our video below of some of our Manchester scholarship winners.


Before applying for a scholarship to attend the IATEFL Birmingham 2016 Conference and Exhibition please read the 'General Guidelines' section below.

Further scholarships may become available over the next couple of months and notification is given in the monthly eBulletins to members and details are added to the 'current list of scholarships' page.  The scholarships are now open for applications.

General Guidelines for all Scholarships

Careful reading is the key.  Every year the number of scholarships grows and the different sponsors set different parameters for making their awards.  So please check the following points in the website description of each scholarship before applying.

The award consists of’ – this section tells you what you could win. Some scholarships are very generous and would cover all the costs of attending a conference. Other scholarships are more modest and would help you with your costs but you would need to have some further funding of your own to be able to afford to come. Scholarship awards are as stated on the website and cannot be increased.

‘To qualify you must’ – these are the rules for a particular scholarship. If you don’t meet the qualifications your application will not be considered. Examples of rules are ’you must be a newcomer with between three and ten years’ experience in ELT’, 'you must be a native of and normally resident in an African country’, ‘you must be an individual member of IATEFL’. Each scholarship has different qualifications, so please read carefully.

‘To be considered, you must submit’ – this section lists what you must complete electronically by the 23rd July 2015. You should use the application form which you will access through the ‘Apply for a Scholarship’ Button below.  You will be asked to upload a photo for inclusion in the programme and on the poster if you win, please see the photo requirements below.

Photo requirements

  • you should send ONE photo no matter how many scholarships you apply for
  • photos should show a close-up of your full head and shoulders. It must be only of you with no other objects or people
  • in colour (no black and white images please)
  • taken against a light background for clarity if published
  • taken recently
  • clear and in focus
  • remember to smile

If you have further queries,  please contact  Conference Organiser, Alison Medland.

A list of scholarships available can be accessed via this link or the link on the right hand side of the webpage.

We have step by step instructions on our How to Apply page, together with a speaker application button for members and a form for non-members.

Apply for a Scholarship

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for a scholarship?

(using the apply button below)

It is 23rd July 2015. Early applications are welcome; late applications cannot be considered.  If a scholarship requires a conference presentation you must include your speaker proposal with your application. Existing IATEFL members must register as a speaker and submit their proposal through the Birmingham conference page and non-members should upload their proposal when applying for a scholarship.

How many scholarships can I apply for?

It is best to put in one or two carefully written scholarship applications but you are allowed to apply for any scholarship for which you meet the entry qualifications.  You can only submit ONE speaker proposal.

Do I have to be an IATEFL member to get a scholarship?

For some scholarships you must be a member; other scholarships are open to any ELT professional. Each specific scholarship text gives you the information.

Do I have to give a talk / workshop to get a scholarship?

Some scholarships require a presentation; some don't. Each specific scholarship text gives you this information. But if a presentation is required, remember you can only submit ONE speaker proposal so make sure your proposed talk / workshop is relevant to the scholarship(s) you apply for. A link is available on our 'How to Apply' webpage for members.  For non-members the speaker fields will appear within the scholarship application form.

How often can I win a scholarship?

Once every 4 years but winning more than once would be very unlikely.

Can I win the same scholarship twice?

No, you can't.

When will I get the results?

Winners will be notified around 4th September.  Remember to check your emails as you need to confirm your acceptance at once if you are offered a scholarship.  Applicants who have not been successful will be informed around 10th September.  Please do not contact the IATEFL office about the decisions; the Scholarship Working Party will send everyone the results as soon as they are available.

Who decides who the winners are?

Each scholarship is decided by a different panel of experienced judges whose decisions are final.  The Scholarship Working Party is sorry but it cannot issue reasons for the results because there are so many applicants and the workload would be overwhelming.

When and where would I get my scholarship money if I won?

Part of the money may be paid to you in advance to help with your travel costs if necessary (this will be after discussion with IATEFL and scholarship sponsors). The money (or outstanding balance) will be awarded to you at the Scholars' Tea event on Day One of the conference.

What must I do if I need a visa to travel to the UK?

You must contact Alison Medland from IATEFL Head Office, details will also be in your winner's letter.

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