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St Giles Educational Trust/IATEFL Award

St Giles Educational Trust/IATEFL Teacher Training Placement Award 2017

The St Giles Educational Trust (SGET – ) was set up in 1970 by Paul Lindsay, the founder of St Giles International (  Its mission is, ‘to build, nurture and deploy world-class ELT teacher development in order to improve people’s life chances through communication.’ The Trust is committed to increasing access to professional development opportunities for overseas teachers of English and during recent years, it has delivered a number of projects in partnership with charities, NGOs and educational institutions in other countries.

For a second year, SGET is partnering with IATEFL, to offer a Teacher Training Placement Award to an Associate (Teachers’ Association) in the developing world.  All Teachers‘ Associations which are currently eligible to apply for the IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme are also eligible to apply for this award. The Teacher Training Placement Award will enable Teachers’ Associations to benefit from up to 15 days of local training, to be delivered by two St Giles teacher trainers (or one teacher trainer and one teacher, depending on the nature of the programme).  

The teacher training placements offered through the Award will be designed to meet local needs.  The target group could be teachers who only deliver English language courses, school/college teachers or teacher trainers. In all cases, the Association should be able to demonstrate that the outcomes will be sustainable and should explain how they will be disseminated for the wider benefit of their teaching community within their country or region.

Examples of the focus of the placements might include (but are not limited to) one or more of the following:

  • training to upgrade local teachers’ own language competence

  • training to help local teachers to develop their language teaching practice

  • training to help local trainers/teachers to create teaching materials which are appropriate to the local context or to utilise learning technology

  • training which focuses on assessing and responding to the needs of different  types of learners (or of specific types of learners)

  • training on curriculum or programme design

  • programmes to support local teacher trainers in developing their professional practice or to support suitably experienced teachers in preparing to become teacher trainers

The training placement must take place (in a single visit) between April and December 2017.

The St Giles Educational Trust will meet the cost of the following:

  • up to 15 days of time from two teacher trainers (or one teacher trainer and one teacher)

  • International travel to/from the main training location

  • visas and associated expenses (e.g. vaccinations)

The IATEFL Teachers’ Association (i.e. the project partner) receiving the Award will be expected to provide or to meet the cost of the following:

  • local accommodation in a safe environment and of an acceptable standard

  • transfer to and from international airports within the country (note:  in exceptional circumstances, SGET may pay for or contribute towards internal flights)

  • travel for the SGET teacher trainers to and from the main site/any other venues involved in the delivery of the programme and the accommodation

  • venue for delivery of the programme with lunch and refreshments

  • any expenses relating to the participation of the local teachers

In addition, the Teachers’ Association should have access to local facilities and contacts which enables it to:

  • plan the training programme with SGET and adequately brief SGET managerial and training staff about the local environment

  • secure the participation of the local teachers with the consent and support of their employer(s)

  • provide a suitable venue for the training programme in a safe environment

  • provide basic equipment and resources (in the context of local conditions) to enable the programme to be delivered

  • ensure that the SGET staff have a constant point of local contact (i.e. a named person) throughout their stay in the host country

The Teachers’ Association should also be able to demonstrate that they have established relationships with national or regional education authorities and/or other relevant decision-making bodies in order to maximise the benefits and the sustainability potential of the programme. Priority will be given to Teachers’ Associations which would not easily be able to generate full funds for the proposed teacher training programme from any other source.



Teachers’ Associations applying for the SGET-IATEFL Teacher Training Placement Award must meet the same eligibility criteria as those of the IATEFL Wider Membership Scheme.  The Associations will be from countries listed in the Human Development Index (UNDP) as being from Medium/ Low Human Development.


How to apply

Applicants should complete both the SGET-IATEFL Teacher Training Placement Award Application Form and the SGET-IATEFL Teacher Training Placement Award Budget Proforma (see below) and submit these by email to Jon Burton - , IATEFL Head Office no later than 17.00 UK time on Friday, 27 January 2017. The Teachers’ Association whose proposal has been selected for the 2016 Teacher Training Award will be informed by Monday, 27 March 2017. Please refer to the Application Guidance Note before you complete the application forms.


Assessment criteria for applications

The successful application will demonstrate that:

  1. there is a local need for a teacher training programme

  2. the aims and objectives of the programme are realistic and are linked to clearly articulated benefits for the participants, other stake-holders and the wider community of language teachers within the Teacher Association’s country (please note that SGET will work with the Association to define the specifics of the programme)

  3. endorsement and support from relevant stakeholders (employer schools, education authorities) is in place

  4. careful consideration has been given to the way in which the outcomes will be shared/disseminated

  5. the Teachers’ Association is able to provide an infrastructure to ensure the effective delivery of the project as well as meeting the specified costs

  6. The full cost of providing the programme could not be met without the contribution made by the SGET-IATEFL Teacher Training Placement Award








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